Weekly Update – September 8, 2021

A Note From Jim

How To Reach Your Dreams Without Letting Setbacks Or Disappointment Derail You On The Road To Success

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

This quote / excerpt is by Sir Winston Churchill from one of his many speeches.

In case you didn’t know Sir Winston Churchill led an entire country through the Second World War.

He did it largely through the force of his will and ability to connect, influence, and impact those around him during some of the darkest days in history.

What’s the big idea here for us as entrepreneurs? 

It’s a fact that we will experience what most people call “failure” much more often than we experience “success” – sometimes on a daily basis.

It’s our reaction to that “failure” which determines our ultimate outcome.

If you allow a negative turn of events to stop you, derail your, or dissuade you from moving forward, then you will fail.

But if you reframe “failure” as “feedback” and keep your enthusiasm level high, then you will find a way to succeed even when things seem at their darkest

So, let’s put this into action with these 4 steps:

1. Practice reframing “failure” as feedback.

2. See that feedback as an opportunity to try another path to reach your goal.

3. Always keep your goal clearly in mind along with a strong WHY you’re pursuing that goal.

4. Practice “persistent patience,” which means you keep taking action toward your goal every day with faith you’ll reach it eventually.

Oh, and one more step. As my good friend and mentor Stew Smith says “Never quit!”

“all the activities and wizards are not only practical and useful, but also powerful”

“Dear Jim and team,

It has been an absolutely positive experience, and, even at the age of 64, I can tell you it has been one heckuva ride!

I’ve enjoyed the content thoroughly, found all the activities and wizards not only practical and useful, but also powerful, but the highlight has been Jim’s extraordinary patience with people like me who are slow to get it. The hand-holding helped, as sense of accountability for the result. In a true sense, Jim has been like the best sports coach one could wish for.

Oh, and Mr. Pickles was great too!”

Aki Kalliatakis

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