List Article Creation Checklist

If you want to create “list” articles for promoting your business, product, or ebook, here’s a checklist to help guide you through the process so you don’t miss any steps. List articles are about the easiest type of articles to write and people LOVE them! You can literally check off each step in the process…

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Checklist: “24 Ways To Promote Your Course, Product, or Ebook”

I made this checklist for myself to promote my courses on Udemy, however I realize that these will actually work with promoting any type of info-product, ebook, etc.. Thought maybe you guys would like it too. Specific Promotional Strategies “Free” Ads: (Pay with time invested) ___ Post on Facebook ___ Post on LinkedIn ___ Post…

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The “How To Write a Great Video Sales Letter Script” Formula

Video sales letters (VSLs) are all the rage now in online marketing. It pretty much doesn’t matter what you need to sell, or have seen sold, video sales letters fit the bill. In tests I’ve done, a good 3-6 minute VSL can outsell an old-style “long” sales letter by as much as 300%. Why? Because…

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