Jim and Stew Show

February 24, 2021 Replay

"#1 Secret To Persuade People To Buy, Try, Or Sign Up" & "Burnout and What To Do"

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  • Justin

    Reply Reply February 24, 2021

    What was the dealio with Facebook messing with you?

    • Jim

      Reply Reply February 24, 2021

      Technical is all we can figure… I didn’t even get 2 seconds of trying to go live to aggravate them ‍

  • Jeff Krohn

    Reply Reply February 24, 2021

    I mentioned in the live show that I recently lost 115 pounds. I lost it using noom – the app, and I want to know if that can be considered an opt-in or is it part of a sales funnel? I want to get their emails for my list but also offer the opportunity to buy noom so what is the best way to promote/offer that?

  • Crystal

    Reply Reply February 24, 2021

    Great info really hit the red hot button experiencing this now thanks. Chronic stress overworking.

  • Coop

    Reply Reply February 24, 2021

    It’s about keeping the fire of life always burning by keeping the productive burning coals together not apart. Apart from the fire will go out- which is burnout. However, by always choosing the choices of decisions that decide and create your pledge of allegiance to your life mission and God, who gave us life with providential intelligence, and the wisdom of discernment, which is the oxygen of clarity, to always be about being your life. In all you touch say and do with every heartbeat and breath without hesitation, reservation or limitation. Because you can always blow on the coal embers together to make the fire as big as you require.

  • Vinny Carotenuto

    Reply Reply February 24, 2021

    Good stuff-thanks!

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