Weekly Update – November 17, 2021

A Note From Jim The #1 Content Marketing Tip Every Online Entrepreneur Needs To Get More Leads If you really want to get more leads, then pay careful attention to this daily content creation tip if you want to avoid having to sit at your computer 18 hours a day making videos. The Big Takeaway…

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What Makes a Good OFFER for Content Marketing? SCCMH [Podcast 138]

Let’s discuss some of the many ways to get deep into the psychology of sales copy writing with a good OFFER. When to post an offer or buy now button? This is part three of the trilogy, Hook – Story – Offer on podcasts 136, 137 & 138 Don’t forget the Facebook Group Sales Copy Writing and…

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How to make money with your own book without selling a single copy! [video]

Join me on the dock today to discuss the 9 ways you can make money with your own book WITHOUT selling a single copy. Most people think the only way to build your business with a book is to sell it on Amazon. That’s absolutely not true… Let me show you how.  Become a published…

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Turn any piece of content into a sales making machine when you fly under people’s anti-sales radar! [video]

Back in 2001 I was not in a great place though it turns out I had an awesome opportunity in front of me and I didn’t even know it. I had no money for ads and there wasn’t really anywhere to buy them… but I needed to stay on people’s radar. How did I do…

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Create Sales Copy For The Front Page Of Your Web Store – SCCMH Podcast 5 [podcast + transcript]

“What You Don’t Know About How To Create Copy For The Front Page Of Your Web Store Could Hurt You”

Jim and Stew discuss this week’s group challenge in this new podcast episode. This lesson is designed for every entrepreneur who wants to create copy for the front page of your web “store” and sell more from your website without having to struggle for days and weeks trying to figure out what to put on that front page.

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