What Does Your Customer Need to Know (Problems, Solutions, You As The Answer?) – SCCMH [Podcast 93]

“What Does Your Customer Need to Know (Problems, Solutions, You As The Answer?) – SCCMH [Podcast 93]”

Jim and Stew solve problems! See http://www.thejimedwardssolution.com for more tools to help you solve business / sales copy problems. What is the Biggest Issue that your ideal customer needs to know. People will buy anything to solve a problem or achieve a result. Are you the solution to helping your customer solve that problem and help them achieve that result?

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“But I don’t waaaaana do it…” [video]

Do you ever hear your inner toddler whining about something that needs to get done? That thing that you really don’t feel like doing and have been putting off… Here’s my solution to getting the task done and putting the inner toddler down for a nap.  Does copywriting cause your inner toddler to come out?…

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Here’s the smartest thing you can do right now…

What’s the smartest thing you can do right now?

I’ll tell you, but I need to preface this a bit first.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is thinking the goal is the result. For example, they think, “Make $1 million” is a goal.

It isn’t. It’s a result.

So what’s a goal?

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Weekly Update – December 18, 2019

A Note from Jim Pick A Date, Make A Public Commitment, and DO IT! Nothing works like the power of a deadline…. unless you let yourself off the hook. How many times have you set a deadline, the deadline passes, and the task is still not done? If you’re like me, more times than you’d…

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Dissecting past failure and success… Which is more important? [video]

Over the weekend I was looking back at something I did in 2004, actually a sales letter. This was a very important sales letter because it was a sales letter that I wrote for a product that ended up making me enough money to pay off my house. It has been nearly 15 years since…

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