Stop, Drop and Pivot – Embrace Change (Without Using Swear Words)

Change is coming – and let’s be real, sometimes it feels like a giant dumpster fire spiraling out of control.

It’s a word that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people (including me on some occasions), especially once we’re finally comfortable. That’s one of the mistake we make… we get comfortable.

I want to share a conversation I had with a client just the other day. He asked me a question that made me stop and think…

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Weekly Update – September 28, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets All Growth Comes From… “I don’t want to do this.” This is my first thought when I face something challenging.  Although it’s an honest response, it’s not a response that rewards growth! What Area Are You Resisting?  Growth comes from doing the things you don’t want to do… From doing what you…

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Opportunity Often Disguises Itself As This!

Opportunity often comes disguised as something negative!

It looks like:

  • a problem;
  • a pain;
  • more work;
  • something that’s bothering you;
  • other people bothering you;
  • an “issue” you just don’t have time for right now.

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Member’s Update – November 5, 2021

“How A Secret Technique of a Starving College Kid From the 1980s Can Help You Make Repeat Online Sales Today”

Jim Edwards here with 3 tips to increase sales by bringing people back to buy over and over without having to spend your mortgage payment on Facebook ads.

Tip #1 – Give To Get: Keep In Touch On A Regular Basis

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Opportunity often disguises itself as this… [video]

Opportunity often comes disguised as a major negative, as a problem, as a pain in the butt, as something that’s bothering you, as other people bothering you or as a problem that you just don’t have time for right now. There is your opportunity! An opportunity for growth, an opportunity to streamline your process, an…

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Weekly Update – October 21, 2020

A Note From Jim How to Reach Your Goals Amid Chaos There’s a lot of chaos going on in the world right now. And I hate to break it to you, but it’s not going to get better anytime soon. In fact, I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better. So, we…

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Weekly Update – October 7, 2020

A Note From Jim Open Minds Sometimes the solution you need is right in front of your face, but for whatever reason you don’t see it. Sometimes you don’t see the solution because of strong beliefs or preconceived notions. Other times it’s because you don’t believe a solution could be “that simple.” And still other…

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Weekly Update – September 23, 2020

A Note From Jim Keeping Things Fresh & Interesting I don’t know about you, but I love to learn. I love to try new things. I love to discover. The problem is, sometimes that leads me away from what I’m trying to get done and I don’t make it back for a while… which means…

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All growth comes from this… [video]

It’s usually the stuff you don’t want to do that you’ve got to do, or that you should do that’s going to lead to a change. If you only do the things you want to do because they are easy or you are good at it, it’s never going to lead to a change or…

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Grow or quit… those are your choices [VIDEO]

“Grow or quit… those are your choices [VIDEO]”

Everybody’s looking for the big change, but the big changes come in small increments over time. Most people get frustrated and quit long before they see the results.

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