Content Creation Challenge – Share & Redistribute – SCCMH [Podcast 33]

“Content Creation Challenge – Share & Redistribute”

Jim and Stew discuss the simplicity of making content from questions (emails or social media) then getting into pushing them out to multiple media outlets: social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram), newsletters, group email…

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I need a website to make me look legit… [video]

Today I’m answering a question from my private Facebook group: I need to set up a simple website as an aside to my first funnel to get some social credit believability not appear to be a fly by night type. Any thoughts on which scripts to use from Funnel Scripts and which wizards to use…

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Hook ‘em with “no” then lead them to “yes”… [video]

We’re still talking about the hook. And I’ve told you that the fastest, easiest way to hook somebody is with a question. The problem is that everybody is going for the yes. And by going for the yes with the hook question all the time, people can start to feel manipulated… Check out –…

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Hook story offer vs other formulas… [video]

Which formula makes the most sense? Don’t overcomplicate it. Watch this video to learn more. Check out – Join before we close the doors on Tuesday!   Join me on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium

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Hook, story, offer… [VIDEO]

How can I create a hook story offer? And specifically, how can I create a hook story offer for nonprofits? If you want more tips and tricks join my private FB group: Join me on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium

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