What type of book will YOU create? [video]

Everyone has a book inside of them. Which book should you write? In this quick video I’ll show you 6 real life examples of the different types of books that you can create and use to build your business in just 7 days. Build your business and become an author by this time next week…

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How Exposing “Dirty Little Secrets” Changed My World Forever

Let me tell you a quick story… I was a young mortgage broker working in South Florida (Miami) in a super competitive market. I was getting crushed in business and just was not getting any loans. I was working on 100% commission, and I had a 60-day draw before I’d have NO money coming in.…

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The Dirty Little Secret About Outsourcing

The Dirty Little Secret About Outsourcing

I bet you already heard this:

Hey! You need to outsource so you can build your team in order to grow.
Everyone says you should build a team.

And I agree! You need a team if you want to grow exponentially!

Many experts also say you should outsource, especially your weaknesses.

I agree with 90% of that statement.


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Member’s Update – June 4, 2021

4 Ways To Find Some Peace At Work

Hey, I get it… life can be stressful (especially in today’s world).

Sometimes things get to be a little much and you need a way to find some peace – FAST!

So here are 4 of my go-to solutions….

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Member’s Update – May 28, 2021

The Classic Mistake That Costs People Millions

Here’s an immutable truth: People buy what they want, not what they need.

We all NEED to lose weight… balance our budget….

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Member’s Update – May 21, 2021

Learn principles you can apply to an ever-changing landscape

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine on a podcast this morning.

We were talking about how to increase your business and build your tribe and platform.

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Member’s Update – May 14, 2021

It’s Okay To Charge More!

Hey, it’s time to raise prices. Why?

Cuz Jim said it was!

Seriously though, it’s time to raise prices, especially if you’ve been undercharging (as many of us do).

Here’s something to think about.

According to Google (so you know it’s true – it’s gotta be true) here’s what the purchase power of $29 in 2001 was compared to today’s dollars in 2021.

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Member’s Update – May 7, 2021

Dogs and Customers… Which Type Is Better?

So I have 4 dogs… they’re all sisters born within 12 hours of each other.

Muffin, Cutey Pie, Trixie, Cindy Lou.

They couldn’t be any different (yet still quite similar at the same time).

Dogs love treats…

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Member’s Update – April 30, 2021

The True Secret To Success After All These Years

I’ve been doing this for going on 25 years now… who’d a thunk it!

I remember in 1996 looking at my wife and saying “I’m not sure how it’s going to happen, but if we’re ever going to get rich, it’ll be from this Internet thing.”

We were driving in her little green Geo Tracker at the time.

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3 Sales Story Secrets You Need to Know!

3 Sales Story Secrets You Need to Know!

All sales stories aren’t created equal.

You probably know that using stories in your sales copy will increase your sales.

That’s true.

Stories are the key to your sales copy success, but not just any story told in a haphazard way.

Do you want to learn how to adapt your stories to many different situations so that you can sell a whole lot more?

Then read on and pay close attention to each of these three secrets that will work for you again and again…

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