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Are You An Accidental Spammer (And You Don’t Even Know It)?

When most people hear the phrase “email marketing” they think of a business sending email out to people trying to sell stuff.

When entrepreneurs hear the phrase email marketing, they often think of emailing your customers and subscribers to sign up for a webinar or check out a new offer.

But a few also think of spam.

When I think of email marketing, I think of the opportunity to build and strengthen your relationships with customers and subscribers.

Here are my thoughts on email marketing as it applies to sales copywriting, especially if you want to be seen as the #1 best option in the eyes of your customers and prospects:

Most people’s not-so-subtle message in their emails is “buy my stuff”.
They basically see email as a free way to talk AT customers and prospects… in effect doing little more than spam them.

I see email as an opportunity to provide value… to enhance my relationship with people.

Just like you look forward to an email from friends and family, I want my customers to look forward to my emails.

Bottom Line: STOP spamming people!

Start sending value and building a relationship with people.

This will instantly put you in the top 1% in the minds of the people you’re communicating with.

Here’s how you can put all this into action – send something of value to your list:

  • A tip
  • A video
  • An update
  • A discount code
  • An article

Anything to make their day a little better right now!

By the way, if you want to discover the secrets of successful online marketers and be seen as the #1 best option in the eyes of your customers and prospects (without having any copywriting experience whatsoever), then grab a free copy of my book – “Copywriting Secrets” – at CopywritingSecrets.com right now!

“Your book has really changed my life”

“Your book has really changed my life, I am now way more confident writing ads and sales pages. Thank you for breaking down sales page copywriting into digestible steps: Headline, sub-headline, video, Problem/Agitation/Solution, bullets with ‘which means’ in them, guarantee, bonuses, and PS.

It’s a life saver.

Again, thank you my brother, hats off.”

Mark Macharia

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Featured Article

For as long as I can remember, people have been saying that email marketing is dead.

The first time email marketing died was really when blogs came out and introduced RSS feeds.

They said, “Ah, nobody’s gonna want to get email anymore. They’ll just subscribe to updates and your RSS feed will push it through to them.”

Nope. Didn’t happen.

Everybody invested a bunch of money in blog reader software and it didn’t take off. Everybody was still reading their email.

Next, social media and Facebook would spell the end of email.

Let me ask you a question. Yes or no. Was the first thing you did when you got to work today to check your email?

Here’s the key to email marketing

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