Member’s Update – August 21, 2020

The True Secret To Your Success

To find success, you must first define success.

In my life, success has changed in definition.

In my 20’s success was money.

In my 30’s success was money and security.

In my 40’s success…

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Member’s Update – August 14, 2020

Things Ain’t Changing Back

I was recently reminded of something that happened a few years ago that is truer today than ever!

I had spent some time with one of the most successful people I know personally.

When people get together they do what they do…

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Member’s Update – August 7, 2020

The One Week Day

I have a friend who has the goal every week of doing MORE in a single week than most people do all YEAR.

Yep. More in a week than most do in a year.

And… he DOES it!

Now, truth be told,…

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Member’s Update – July 31, 2020

Questions You Should Always Know the Answer To In Your Business

I like burning stuff into my brain… especially stuff that never changes.

Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. Don’t lie.

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Member’s Update – July 24, 2020

“The Surefire Way to Learn and Improve” 

My friend April has a lot of things stacked against her.

She was in an abusive relationship. She has adopted several children with special needs. She’s a full-time teacher.

Yet April manages to get things done… including her content marketing on a daily basis.

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Member’s Update – July 17, 2020

Secrets to Consistent Creativity

Creativity doesn’t just happen, though when it does, it feels like it.

What do I mean?

Most people think that creativity just strikes out of nowhere and “creative people” are just lucky.

I don’t believe that’s true…

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Member’s Update – July 10, 2020

“What’s the Fastest Way to Make Quick Cash?” 

The fastest way to make quick cash is to make a special offer or sale to a list of targeted prospects.

Ideally, your own list of targeted prospects and customers.

Having a sale creates an event with a built-in deadline.

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How to warm up a cold list… [video]

I can tell you how NOT to warm up a cold list… Do not send a cold list a teaser for your newest product/offer/service out of the blue. An email list is like a relationship… you have to spend some time nurturing it to help it grow. Here are some tips to help warm up…

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Member’s Update – July 3, 2020

There’s Always a Way!

Online business ain’t what it used to be!

The speed of business, the economy, and change are all shifting.

What worked 6 months ago may not work now… and what didn’t work 5 years ago may now present the perfect solution.

Never give up… there’s always a way!

The solution may appear in a flash of inspiration… or through hours of hard work and thought.

BUT – the one thing that will never change is having a CLEAR purpose in your life and business.

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Member’s Update – June 26, 2020

No Matter What Happens… Do This!

Bad stuff happens – big and small.

It’s inevitable.

Pandemics… flat tires… social unrest… your FB ad account gets shut down… step on a rusty nail… death of a family member… loss of a pet… financial crises… bubbles and busts.

It’s life…

It’s not that I don’t take those things seriously (I do, more than I ever let on about)…. but I always keep 2 things in mind no matter how bad crap gets:

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