Content Idea Hacks [video]

What do Covid, Amazon and Questions all have in common? Great content! There is a virtually unlimited supply of cool methods for coming up with amazing ideas for your content. Do you want to discover how to use your content marketing to instantly rise above all the online noise and separate yourself from the crowd?…

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The Five “F” Words For Success [video]

If you want to grow your tribe of rabid followers, subscribers, and fans (who hang on your every word and buy everything you offer), you need to connect, influence and impact. I’ll show you 5 easy steps to follow in this short video to get results and over deliver to the people you’re called to…

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Is Your Email Address “Blacklisted?”

A lady emailed me yesterday very upset over the fact that her friend’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) wasn’t delivering important email messages. This lack of delivery caused a real problem for the two of them with ruined plans, missed appointments, and just plain inconvenience. If you don’t use email, this might not sound like a “big deal.” But this problem of non-delivery has dramatically affected the way businesses use email and how consumers receive email.

To put things into perspective, imagine if every time you dialed a friend’s phone number you had no idea whether it would ring or not. Now imagine how frustrated you would feel over time if…

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Weekly Update – March 9, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Are You An Accidental Spammer (And You Don’t Even Know It)? When most people hear the phrase “email marketing” they think of a business sending email out to people trying to sell stuff. When entrepreneurs hear the phrase email marketing, they often think of emailing your customers and subscribers to sign up…

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How To Build A Profitable Email List In 60(ish) Seconds [video]

If you want people to join your list, you have to set up a value exchange. People who sign up for free stuff only want MORE free stuff (which doesn’t help you at all). But, if you help them get their number one payoff, they’re gonna love you, trust you, respect you, and PAY you!…

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Email Marketing Is Dead… Or Is It?

For as long as I can remember, people have been saying that email marketing is dead. 

The first time email marketing died was really when blogs came out and introduced RSS feeds. 

They said, “Ah, nobody’s gonna want to get email anymore. They’ll just subscribe to updates and your RSS feed will push it through to them.”

Nope. Didn’t happen…

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Weekly Update – March, 2, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets How To Build A Profitable Email List In 284 Words! If you want people to join your list, you have to set up a value exchange.  What does that mean? It means they don’t want to give up their good email address. Why?  Cuz you might spam them! To overcome that fear,…

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Email Marketing is DEAD [video]

For years, people have been saying that email marketing is dead. It’s NOT! Want to know the secret to successful email marketing? Send emails to people who actually want to receive them, not just a bunch of people who don’t give a crap about what you’re talking about. A targeted list of people who have…

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Why The Hook For Your Story Is More Important Than The Story Itself

What is a story hook? 

The story hook is the big idea behind the story. Specifically, it’s the big idea that pulls people into the story. 

If I said to you, “Hey, let me tell you a quick story about how I changed my website from 40 pages to one page, and sales went up 250% overnight. That increase was enough to cover a house payment, two car payments, and the electric bill.”

That’s a hook… it’s a little long, but it’s a hook…

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Weekly Update – February 22, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Seven Hooks To Make Your Sales Stories Unforgettable Here are seven of the best ways to make your sales story instantly capture people’s minds and get them to hang on your every word. A Moment That Changed Your Life The first one is basically to talk about a moment that changed your…

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