Asking the Right Questions to Build Effective Testimonials – SCCMH [Podcast 151]

“Asking the Right Questions to Build Effective Testimonials”

Jim and Stew discuss ways to get effective testimonials by simply asking the right questions to your customers. Check out these walk throughs by Jim using Funnel Scripts ( and the Quote Wizard in the premium membership…

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8 Business Productivity Tools Every Entrepreneur Will Love (You Should Already Own At Least 2 Of Them)

8 Business Productivity Tools Every Entrepreneur Will Love

If you want to grow and scale your business, then this cool tool list holds the keys you need to succeed. If you want to avoid spending weeks and months trying to find all this stuff on your own, check this out.

The Big Idea: The Right Tools Can Make Your Life So Much Easier

Here’s the crucial thing…

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Are You Cheating People And Are You Cheating Yourself?

Are You Cheating People And Are You Cheating Yourself?

Most of us who do stuff online are incredibly creative. 

We’re coaches, we’re authors, we’re software developers. 

We do all these things, and we define ourselves as that thing.

“I’m a coach.”… 

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You Are Only ONE Idea Away From Success…

Let me tell you a story…

I was at a seminar 18 years ago when I had an encounter with a guy named Marlon Sanders, and he gave me an idea.

“Jim, take your competitor’s USP (unique selling proposition) and offer it as a…

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If You Want To Make Sales, You’ve Got To Make Enemies

“Does that mean we’re going to piss people off and make money?”

Yes. That’s exactly what it means. 

And what do I mean by “make enemies to make sales?” 

Let me explain it this way…

You’ve probably heard the phrase,

“People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.”

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What is your most valuable business asset? [video]

At Funnel Hacking Live somebody asked me, what’s your most valuable business asset? I had to think about it for a second and over the years it has changed. Has yours? 

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What’s the number one ability we all need for online business?

Notice that the headline says “number one ability” NOT “number one skill.” And the number one ability we need to be profitable online is… The ability to create and put in motion excellent sales messages quickly. What is a sales message? A sales message is anything you put out with the intention of getting someone to take a…

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Weekly Update – July 31, 2019

A Note From Jim How Long Does It Take To Succeed With A Funnel? That’s the question on everybody’s mind when they’re first starting out… “How long will it take to succeed with my funnel?” Here are some other questions people ask: Will it work at all? How fast will it work? How much will…

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How To Uncover The Secret “Emotional” Ingredient In Your Product That Makes People Buy

Here’s why you want to find emotional meaning in your product or service: it’s what ultimately gets people to buy. If you can make people emotional, that changes their state. If you can change their state, you can get them to make a purchase. So, the first step in selling more is to find the…

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Speed Dating with Jim – SCCMH [Podcast 25]

“Speed Dating with Jim”

Jim answers rapid fire copywriting, wizard questions, as well as Funnel Scripts questions.

We call this episode Speed Dating With Jim as he discusses both Funnel Scripts and The Jim Edward Method Premium where Funnel Scripts and Premium Wizards for both content marketing and salescopy can be easily created – with the wack of a button….

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