Event & Webinar Promo Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Get the Most Out of Your Event Promotion By Avoiding these Common Mistakes

It’s a big mistake to think event promotion is easy.

Sure, you can throw some posts on social media and call it a day, but that won’t get your event off the ground. To truly maximize your event’s potential, you need to avoid the costly mistakes people make when promoting their webinars, events, and trainings.

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Building and Delivering a Webinar That Sells – SCCMH [Podcast 170]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss finding some easy and create ways to create your webinar, how to deliver it, and how to make sales.

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Evergreen Webinars: Do They Work… or are they BS?

Evergreen or not to Evergreen? That is the question!

When it comes to webinars the “holy grail” is to be able to take your webinar and turn it into an evergreen presentation that makes you money 24/7/365!

All the experts who sell webinar software admit that converting to evergreen is easy and won’t take hardly any time whatsoever.

Creating a webinar that works… that can be tough.

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Weekly Update – July 27, 2022

A Note From Jim How Stevie Wonder Can Help You Sell More On Your Webinars    “Time is long, but life is short!” – Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder is one of the most iconic artists of our time. His music transcends time, culture, and generations. But what the heck does he have to do with…

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Do You Make These Mistakes With Webinars? (And KILL Your Sales In The Process)

Mistake #1: Go Too Long
Everybody’s time is at a premium these days.
Nobody has time to waste… especially if they don’t see a specific payoff as the webinar unfolds for them.
Shoot for an hour (including pitch) if you want to keep the maximum number of people LIVE on your webinar.

Mistake #2: Kill Them With…

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Weekly Update – July 20, 2022

A Note From Jim If You Want To Crush It With Your Next Webinar, Don’t Miss Any Of These 8 Real-World Tips 1. Keep It Under 1 Hour Statistics show that you have a MASSIVE drop off at the 60-minute mark… people either get bored, or they must move on to the next item on…

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Sales Webinars Are Dead… Stick A Fork In ‘Em!

A HUGE number of people believe sales webinars are dead and will tell you with authority that “nobody buys from webinars anymore.” They believe all consumers figured out that webinars are low on content, high on sales pressure, and represent a giant waste of time. But, before you run out and cancel your Zoom or GotoWebinar account, here are a few thoughts to ponder.

People believe webinars are “dead” because someone told them webinars aren’t working anymore. (I’ve had people literally tell me, “So-and-so said webinars don’t work anymore!”)

Think again…

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How many emails?!? 🤯 [video]

Do you know how many emails it takes to successfully promote a webinar? Especially if you’re going to make an offer on that webinar. Tomorrow Dean and I are going to reveal our secrets for really promoting your webinar to get signups, show ups and sales. Tomorrow 3pm EST don’t miss the “Fill My Webinar…

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What happens when FB or Google goes down? [video]

After having over 2,500 emails get rejected from Gmail yesterday due to the worldwide outage it really made me think… What would happen if FB or Google went down? I personally would lean on my list. The one thing that you will always have is your list. One of the best ways to build your…

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Great Expectations… [video]

No, not the book that you may or may not have read in high school literature class, but rather great expectations from yourself and from others and how to grow from visualizing.  “Discover the Top 3 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Author” webinar on April 21, 2020 at 2pm EST Register here: https://thejimedwardsmethod.com/realbook  Facebook •…

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