Weekly Update – December 15, 2021

A Note From Jim If You Want Success, STOP Doing This… If you want to find success, stop reinventing the wheel. A wise person once said, “Success leaves clues.” I absolutely believe that if you want to do anything successfully as fast as possible, find someone else who is already doing it successfully and model…

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Weekly Update – October 21, 2021

A Note From Jim How To Be A REAL Success If you seriously want to become “successful,” then here is a tip from over a half century of life on planet Earth. Success Is An Individual Game We Each Play With Ourselves The key idea here is that society and others want to force their…

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Weekly Update – August 18, 2021

A Note From Jim How To Find Success In Your Life, Especially During Hard Times Here’s a truth to burn into your brain: Success is an inside job. You decide whether you’re successful or not, not the outside world. In fact, you are successful the instant you decide to be successful! Most people wait for…

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The #1 Factor In Success (or Survival)!

The #1 Factor In Success (or Survival)!

Not too long ago, my wife and I had a unique experience of going through two days of survival training with a MARSOC Marine. This guy was a very knowledgeable wilderness expert, combat veteran, and super cool guy.

Over the course of the weekend, we learned how to trap, gather water, stitch people up, track, and…

I learned how to build a fire… Underground.

I was taking notes on everything the whole time because it was so cool!

Then This Happened….

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Weekly Update – July 31, 2019

A Note From Jim How Long Does It Take To Succeed With A Funnel? That’s the question on everybody’s mind when they’re first starting out… “How long will it take to succeed with my funnel?” Here are some other questions people ask: Will it work at all? How fast will it work? How much will…

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Sales Copy Algebra – Useful Formulas – SCCMH [Podcast 28]

“Sales Copy Algebra – Useful Formulas”

Jim creates Salescopy Algebra and explains useful formulas for building successful salescopy.

Formula #1: -P x -A +S = $ales!

Formula #2: D + (B x B x B) + S = $ales

Watch the short video to see what this means!…

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The Dirty Little Secret For Creating Outrageously Successful Lead Magnets… [video]

Most people are focusing on the wrong thing when they try to get people to go for their lead magnet to sign up for their list. This is due to most people focusing on what they’re giving away. Get on The Jim Boat – https://thejimboat.com/ Join my amazing Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks FB group:…

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Ego, Pride or Results… Which Is More Important?

I successfully resolved an issue this week that has been hanging over my head since April. I had an issue with another company – specifically one individual at another company – and we’d both dug in our heels. I had made an offer to resolve the issue via email, and the other person said they…

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My Proven Daily Planning Sheet Helps You Make Each Day As Efficient And Successful As Possible

If you’re struggling to make each day as successful as possible, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about “Jim’s Daily Success Sheet,” my proven, personal daily planning sheet that enables entrepreneurs to make each day as efficient and successful as possible. In short, this is my personal daily…

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