What’s The Secret Sauce To My Success?

It’s February, are you still on track to meet your goals this year? Or has life already gotten in the way and put your goals on the fast track to failure?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone… And there’s still time to take a step back, breath, reorganize and still achieve your goals. Be it business related, health or wellness.

Here’s a real world example of how I get behind and have to walk through the steps above.

I had a meeting last week with a business partner who is collaborating on a project with me…

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Is Today’s AI Really Artificial Intelligence… Or Just a Clever Parrot?

Get the whole story here…

In case nobody has explained it to you, the GPT in Chat GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” and is a type of AI that uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate human-like text.

It is based on an algorithm that uses a large dataset of text (Large Language Learning Models – LLLM) to learn how to write similar sentences. GPT AI is typically used to generate natural language text from a prompt, such as a headline or a sentence.

Key point: This type of AI is focused on mimicking language patterns and does not actually think.

It’s a very expensive parrot…

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Weekly Update – January 25, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Discover the Hidden Potential of AI-Generated Content How to Take Content From Good to Outstanding Using AI Tools Add unique stories and examples to AI-generated content to make it stand out. Make content scannable with separate sections, bolding, and summary bullet points. Tie content to current events, trends, or the news to…

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Rebuilding Regrouping for New Goals – SCCMH [Podcast 183]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss what you need to focus on when you have to rebuild, regroup after a disruption either natural / illness or man-made / technical issues. New Goals for new year are very similar to the new focus required.

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Capstones and The Next Journey – SCCMH [Podcast 182]

JJim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the types of Capstones we should set for ourselves and our business and how to create them.

I define Capstone as a goal that continuously resets itself for a higher standard or in a complete new direction depending on the situation.

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How To Leverage AI To Test and Make a LOT More Money in Your Marketing

Which headline did you like better?

In 2003-2004 I launched a product called “How To Get Anything You Want.” It was a studio-quality audio CD I spent months putting together. I had a LOT riding on the launch of the product, not only in terms of money, but also my reputation and self-image.

So, launch day came and I sent out an email to my list announcing the brand-new program. 100 people came to the site… nobody bought. 200 people… 300 people… 400 people…


I was freaking out…

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Weekly Update – January 18, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets “Unlock the Secrets to Instantly Creating Content That Resonates with Your Ideal Customers” Unlock the Power of AI & GPT to Create Tailored Content for Your Customers That Helps You Leave the Competition in The Dust Unless you are living under a rock or have taken a sabbatical to go off the…

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A.I. The Angel of Death for Creativity?

A.I. (artificial intelligence) has a lot of people running scared. Artists are banging their heads against the wall as users of A.I. software win art contests. Fiverr gig sellers are seeing demand for cheap articles and SEO content drying up as former customers start experimenting with ChatGPT. Teachers know students are using A.I. to write portions of their term papers and other assignments, but they’re helpless to stop it.

Bottom line: Many people find it simpler to hit the “easy button” and have A.I. give them a picture, article, list, or snippet of sales copy than to create it on their own.

But there’s one big problem with this. A.I. does not create. Let me say this again…

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Weekly Update – January 11, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets 5 Deadly Mistakes People Are Making with A.I. For many, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the ultimate easy button for content creation and sales copy. Tools like ChatGPT have brought A.I. access to the masses in an extremely short period of time. In fact, my MOM even knows about A.I. now and has…

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This is What Happens When AI Disrupts the Status Quo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen my prediction from last year about the explosion of AI (artificial intelligence) into the popular culture come true.

Everyone is talking about it, from the nightly news to my mom.

One of the big drivers of this public awareness is the Chat GPT bot, available from Open AI.

Kids are using it to cheat on papers and others are using it to…

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