The REAL purpose of EVERY story you tell in sales copy… [video]

It’s actually really simple, but it’s very profound. The purpose of every story you tell is to have the listener/reader come to the conclusion you want them to come to without you telling them to do it. Get your hands on a FREE copy of Copywriting Secrets: Join us on Facebook • Instagram •…

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Weekly Update – October 10, 2019

A Note From Jim Nothing Like A Book Launch to Build Excitement! It’s been awhile since I’ve launched a book or an ebook. I’ve been doing video and software for so long, it felt good to get back to my roots with a real live book! Our team has learned some great lessons from releasing…

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There is no value in my Facebook group… [video]

Overnight I had a new member post in my Facebook group that they were finding no value… The response from the group was interesting. This made me think about what I can do to add even more value. Watch now to see my response 🙂 Get your hands on Copywriting Secrets: Join the FB…

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Weekly Update – October 3, 2019

A Note From Jim Too Busy? Overloaded? Stressed? Here’s what I do… Feeling overloaded? Feeling stressed? Too much to do and not enough time to do it in? To-do list growing and nothing getting crossed off? Here’s what I do… It’s pretty simple really. I start planning in 15-minute increments. Everything gets broken down into…

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Weekly Update – September 26, 2019

A Note From Jim The Truth About Trying Something New <<< Remember that kid who wouldn’t eat anything new? You know, the one who’s entire diet consisted of nothing but chicken nuggets, pizza, and hot dogs. Anytime he was offered something new to try for dinner, like broccoli, sweet potatoes, or roast beef, he turned…

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Weekly Update – September 18, 2019

A Note From Jim If You Don’t Have Time If you don’t have time to get everything done…. then don’t. Don’t try to do everything. Don’t stress over trying to do everything. Isolate the ONE thing that needs to get done. Take a single piece of paper and write it down. Break it down into…

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Weekly Update – September 12, 2019

A Note From Jim “The Content Creation Trap” Does this sounds familiar? You spend a couple hours creating content in the morning. You’re all excited because you spent quality time to create an article. You feel a real sense of accomplishment. But then, instead of spending at least an hour or two distributing that content,…

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Don’t make people feel stupid for buying from You! [VIDEO]

I want them to feel like I’m always giving them extreme value. Watch this video to see more.. PLUS I spilled the beans on the OTO for my Copywriting Secrets Funnel. We’re releasing Copywriting Secrets this month! Get on the priority notification list here: Join my Sales Copy & Content Marketing Hacks FB group…

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Weekly Update – August 28, 2019

Why Some People Will Make This Their Best Year Ever!

Back in 2001 I was fresh out of bankruptcy.

My wife and I had managed to buy a house after 7 years of living in a trailer park.

Things were looking up… then I got fired from my job (a story for another time).

It was June. I was scared out of my mind…

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Weekly Update – August 14, 2019

A Note From Jim Two Is One. One Is None! Two is one. One is none. That’s a phrase I first heard when learning how to shoot rifles from a former US Army Green Beret. When he first said it, I had no clue what he meant. Later that week I learned exactly what he…

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