The One Thing That Always Sets You Apart

When many people think about being the author of their own book, they think of royalty payments rolling in every month… month after month. They think of living the “laptop lifestyle” with your feet kicked up and an umbrella drink in your hand.
That’s mostly a lie.
I’m 110% honest with you… the people promising that lifestyle are out there…

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First Book: What is Your Excuse? SCCMH [Podcast 162]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss authoring your first book. Check out these lessons learned from both Jim and Stew on how they finished and used their first books. Do you want the easy button for getting your book done? There is a wizard for that and many others for your business at…

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“Just Do It”

This quote is from Nike and their many ad campaigns for as long as anyone can remember.

Nike is known for their presence in the fitness and clothing marketplace, as well as their ability to stand out from many competitors who have come and gone over the last 55+ years.

Nike’s big breakthrough came in the mid-1980s when they signed Michael Jordan to an epic shoe deal that created a sneaker dynasty.

The big idea here with this quote is, despite all the excuses we can come up with, in the end we need to dive in and just do it… especially when it comes to getting our own book done.

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10 Ways To Get Instant and MASSIVE Credibility With Your Ideal Customers

Being the author of a book gives you massive credibility. Why?

Because we’ve been trained since an early age that authors are literally the “authority” in a given area. (Hey, you can’t have the word authority without the word author in it!)

You can leverage that credibility a book gives you to get more leads and sales in your business… no matter what business you’re in…

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The Critical Differences Between A “List” And A “Tribe”

I hear people say all the time…

“I need a bigger list” or “I don’t have a big list” or “I don’t have a list at all” or “My list is old!”

“How do you reinvigorate an old list?”

“Nobody’s born with a list!”

Everybody’s obsessed with the size of their list and building a list. But let me tell you, there’s a huge difference between having a list and building a tribe.

A list is nothing more than “data.”

A list is just a bunch of emails.

A tribe is…

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Weekly Update – May 25, 2022

A Note From Jim The #1 Shortcut For Building A Huge List and a Rabid Tribe Of Rabid Followers & Fans Having your own book makes list building a LOT easier (not to mention it builds a tribe that hangs on your every word). If you’re a speaker, trainer, coach, or professional, you need to…

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If an 11 year old can do it, what’s your excuse?

If this ambitious 11 year old was able to become a published author in 7 days, you can as well. We’ve removed all of the roadblocks for you. What’s your excuse? Be more like Stella – Get it done 🦄 Link to the interview with Stella: Her book on Amazon: Facebook • Instagram…

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Weekly Update – May 11, 2022

A Note From Jim What I Learned About Content Marketing In High School Science Class I learned about “experiments” in high school chemistry class. That’s where I learned the “scientific method.” That’s basically where you come up with a hypothesis about what you THINK is going to happen. Then go do stuff and see what…

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Weekly Update – May 4, 2022

A Note From Jim Think Building a Profitable List Is Difficult and Expensive? Think Again! Many people believe building up an email list is super expensive, takes a long time, and is really hard to do. Surprisingly, nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s what I mean… People believe list building is difficult because:…

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Want To Be A Rock Star Celebrity In Your Niche Market?

If you wanna be a rockstar in your niche, create your own book that proves you know your stuff. Everyone can do it! Here are seven (7) reasons plus a bonus on why everyone – including you – can – and should – have your own book done by next week.

Instant Credibility
Nothing screams credibility to your target audience like being the author of your own real, legitimate…

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