Weekly Update – April 19, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets AI Genies: YOUR Secret Weapon for Streamlining Your Sales Copy and Content Creation Automate Your Writing with AI Genies for Maximum Efficiency Writing copy and content can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any prior experience or the time to sit down and write it from scratch! But with…

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Weekly Update – September 12, 2019

A Note From Jim “The Content Creation Trap” Does this sounds familiar? You spend a couple hours creating content in the morning. You’re all excited because you spent quality time to create an article. You feel a real sense of accomplishment. But then, instead of spending at least an hour or two distributing that content,…

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Weekly Update – August 28, 2019

Why Some People Will Make This Their Best Year Ever!

Back in 2001 I was fresh out of bankruptcy.

My wife and I had managed to buy a house after 7 years of living in a trailer park.

Things were looking up… then I got fired from my job (a story for another time).

It was June. I was scared out of my mind…

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Weekly Update – July 25, 2019

A Note From Jim What’s Your Story? One of the most powerful things you can use to differentiate yourself in the marketplace is your story. * How did you get started? * What challenges have you faced? * What mistakes have you made (and fixed)? * What roadblocks have you blown through? You have an…

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Weekly Update – June 27, 2019

A Note From Jim I’m Guilty of This Too! Have you noticed over the last few years that we don’t plan things very far in advance? Maybe it’s just me. But it seems like we don’t plan things out much further than next week. The thought of something happening in 3-6 months feels “too far…

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Weekly Update – May 23, 2019

A Note From Jim Short-Term VS Long-Term Income Some people only think about today. Others only think far into the future. Doing only one or the other will cause big-time problems with cash flow and savings. If you only look at your short-term income needs, you’ll never get beyond that level. If you strictly concentrate…

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Weekly Update – April 3, 2019

A Note From Jim Checklists & Deadlines Nothing gets done without a deadline or a checklist. You need the list of what you’re getting done and when you’re doing it. Here’s your checklist: [ ] Keep it simple. [ ] Break it down into bite-sized steps. [ ] Put a deadline on each step. […

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Weekly Update – February 21, 2019

A Note From Jim Most Everyone Does it Backwards! Why do the vast majority of online businesses fail, or never get off the ground? It’s because nearly everyone approaches it the wrong way. The problem is, they come up with a product idea first, and then they desperately try to find someone to buy it! Their chances at…

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Weekly Update – January 23, 2019

A Note From Jim Stop Stop calling them resolutions. Stop calling them goals. Start calling them outcomes and actions. Step 1 – Set the outcome and commit to making it happen. Step 2 – Take action every day until the outcome is achieved. That’s how you make things happen in business and make positive changes…

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Weekly Update – December 21, 2018

A Note From Jim If you want to grab people’s attention, here are FIVE different tips to do it. I had a great question from somebody this morning. “Hey Jim, how to get anyone’s attention without spraying pepper spray?” Now you know me, I’m a very subtle individual. I don’t like to call attention to…

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