Do You Make These Mistakes With Webinars? (And KILL Your Sales In The Process)

Mistake #1: Go Too Long
Everybody’s time is at a premium these days.
Nobody has time to waste… especially if they don’t see a specific payoff as the webinar unfolds for them.
Shoot for an hour (including pitch) if you want to keep the maximum number of people LIVE on your webinar.

Mistake #2: Kill Them With…

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Weekly Update – July 20, 2022

A Note From Jim If You Want To Crush It With Your Next Webinar, Don’t Miss Any Of These 8 Real-World Tips 1. Keep It Under 1 Hour Statistics show that you have a MASSIVE drop off at the 60-minute mark… people either get bored, or they must move on to the next item on…

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First Book: What is Your Excuse? SCCMH [Podcast 162]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss authoring your first book. Check out these lessons learned from both Jim and Stew on how they finished and used their first books. Do you want the easy button for getting your book done? There is a wizard for that and many others for your business at…

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Sales Webinars Are Dead… Stick A Fork In ‘Em!

A HUGE number of people believe sales webinars are dead and will tell you with authority that “nobody buys from webinars anymore.” They believe all consumers figured out that webinars are low on content, high on sales pressure, and represent a giant waste of time. But, before you run out and cancel your Zoom or GotoWebinar account, here are a few thoughts to ponder.

People believe webinars are “dead” because someone told them webinars aren’t working anymore. (I’ve had people literally tell me, “So-and-so said webinars don’t work anymore!”)

Think again…

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Weekly Update – July 13, 2022

A Note From Jim 10 Ways To Use A SINGLE Webinar To Build Your Business Webinars are about so much more than just pitching. In fact, I like to think of them as the “Swiss Army Knife” of content creation. If you think webinars are only for selling, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.…

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Branding, Titles, Headlines, and More – SCCMH [Podcast 161]

Jim Edwards discusses the importance of being authentic in your business marketing when it comes to your branding, titles, headlines, logos, and more. Are you wasting money on branding when you could just focus on being authentic to build a brand for yourself…

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“Just Do It”

This quote is from Nike and their many ad campaigns for as long as anyone can remember.

Nike is known for their presence in the fitness and clothing marketplace, as well as their ability to stand out from many competitors who have come and gone over the last 55+ years.

Nike’s big breakthrough came in the mid-1980s when they signed Michael Jordan to an epic shoe deal that created a sneaker dynasty.

The big idea here with this quote is, despite all the excuses we can come up with, in the end we need to dive in and just do it… especially when it comes to getting our own book done.

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Weekly Update – July 6, 2022

A Note From Jim “Declare Your Independence Day” With July 4th behind us (Independence Day in the USA), I’m reflecting back on my own “independence” day in June of 2001. Let me tell you a quick story… It’s a story about the time I got fired over my cell phone on my way home from…

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The Ultimate “Invitation” Formula That Calls Your Ideal Customers To Action Like Magic!

Who would like the ultimate little formula for a call to action that works anywhere? 

Here you go…

Let’s say I’m doing a little 5-10 minute presentation on “10 Reasons Why Everybody Should Have A Book If You Want A Bigger List”. 

I go through the 10 things real quick, then at the end I say, “Oh, before I forget, if you want to be able to create your own book to use as a lead magnet, or in a book funnel to develop paid customer leads, I can show you nine different ways…

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Weekly Update – June 29, 2022

A Note From Jim The Tale Of Two Parties… Which One Are You Going To? Let’s say we want to invite somebody to a party.   Scenario #1: The Standard Invitation I call you up and say, “My buddy is having a party. They’re going to have a barbecue; it’s going to be awesome. They’re going…

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