Weekly Update – August 28, 2019

Why Some People Will Make This Their Best Year Ever!

Back in 2001 I was fresh out of bankruptcy.

My wife and I had managed to buy a house after 7 years of living in a trailer park.

Things were looking up… then I got fired from my job (a story for another time).

It was June. I was scared out of my mind…

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Weekly Update – August 21, 2019

A Note from Jim When are we consistently the happiest? Great question. I don’t know about you. I only know about me. I’m happiest when I: am fully engaged in a project I 110% believe in actively serving others do something that engages my brain completely feel like I’m making a difference discover cool new…

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Weekly Update – August 14, 2019

A Note From Jim Two Is One. One Is None! Two is one. One is none. That’s a phrase I first heard when learning how to shoot rifles from a former US Army Green Beret. When he first said it, I had no clue what he meant. Later that week I learned exactly what he…

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Weekly Update – July 31, 2019

A Note From Jim How Long Does It Take To Succeed With A Funnel? That’s the question on everybody’s mind when they’re first starting out… “How long will it take to succeed with my funnel?” Here are some other questions people ask: Will it work at all? How fast will it work? How much will…

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Weekly Update – July 25, 2019

A Note From Jim What’s Your Story? One of the most powerful things you can use to differentiate yourself in the marketplace is your story. * How did you get started? * What challenges have you faced? * What mistakes have you made (and fixed)? * What roadblocks have you blown through? You have an…

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Weekly Update – July 18, 2019

A Note From Jim All Aboard For More Sales, Profit, and FUN! I had a great conversation the other day with a business partner of mine about making more sales. He put it very well when he said “If you’re an author who is great at writing books, but you suck at selling them… Are…

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Weekly Update – June 27, 2019

A Note From Jim I’m Guilty of This Too! Have you noticed over the last few years that we don’t plan things very far in advance? Maybe it’s just me. But it seems like we don’t plan things out much further than next week. The thought of something happening in 3-6 months feels “too far…

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Weekly Update – June 20, 2019

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Spotlight on The Jim Boat Act Fast or You Really Will Miss Out! We are running out of cabins for this amazing opportunity! Only 5 cabins left! Join us on the Make More Sales Millionaire Mastermind Cruise so you can… Hang out with Jim and his millionaire friends Learn “insider methods” to making…

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Weekly Update – June 6, 2019

A Note From Jim What REALLY Sells People On Your Product, Service, or Idea People don’t buy what your product is. People don’t buy consulting, coaching, e-commerce products, software, physical products… or anything else you can name. That’s right… they don’t buy any of those things. What they do buy are results. They buy the results that consulting,…

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Weekly Update – May 16, 2019

A Note From Jim Two Simple Questions Benjamin Franklin endeavored to asked himself two questions every day of his adult life. Morning question: “What good shall I do this day?” Evening question: “What good have I done today?” The power of your daily routine is rarely something people notice, let alone plan. But I want…

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